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"It ain't braggin' if you can back it up." – Dizzy Dean

"I have been offered (and accepted) an HR Director role. Thank you for all your help!"

"Your technique yielded a positive response within 10 minutes of sending out a resume!"

"Thank you for the great advice!! I just had (another!) phone interview and think it went very well – I felt very confident and poised."

"It's great! I sent it out and already have an interview scheduled."

"Before working with Career Insiders, I tried to enhance my career by reading books on the preparation of an effective management resume, job search techniques, etc. – but they were dismal failures. There is nothing like having a professional and caring group like Career Insiders to call on."

"I received a call-back within one week of providing a resume."



Career Services for Individual Job Seekers

Career Insiders Finishing School

If you are just beginning your job search or you need a burst of new energy, you should take advantage of one of our service packages. Because you need to excel in all these areas to be successful in your job search, why not engage them all at once? 

Learn more about our Career Insiders Finishing School (definition: a finishing school is intended to complete your educational experience).

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." Ben Franklin


Whether you are seeking a new job in another organization or your goal is to move up within your company, Career Insiders will help you beat the competition. We provide affordable and individualized services that are the most effective.

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Are We Worth the Cost?

We think you can't afford NOT to engage our services!  At Career Insiders, we will help you reduce the time you are unemployed...and hasten receipt of your first paycheck.  Here's what it's costing you if you do NOT use our services.

   Annual Salary

  Weekly Pay Loss














Career Insiders' consultants are professionals with extensive experience in screening, interviewing, and hiring. We view each job seeker as an individual and will work one-on-one to meet your expectations.

Write a Winning Resume
Most job applicants get screened out even before having a chance to interview. Our professional resume writers know what employers look for and will help you structure your resume to gain the inside advantage. Or, we will write it for you. Here's what our clients have said about our work:

  • Wow, this is really beyond my expectations! I can't believe how well you presented everything.  I don't know how you were able to understand everything so thoroughly and package me.
  • My new resume is working already! I got responses already this week.

Learn How to Use LinkedIn to Get a Job
Do you know how to look for a job in the current market?  It is not enough to post your resume on the Internet and wait for a response. We will design a step-by-step action plan based on your needs and we will teach you how to use the best job search tools...and they are all free! We'll teach you how to set up your profile and use LinkedIn to beat the competition.

  • I recommended you because you helped me see possibilities that I would never have thought of. You did a great job for me. I LOVE MY NEW JOB!

Ace the Interview
It is quite common for a less qualified candidate to win the job because of better interviewing skills.  Your experience and accomplishments will be wasted if you cannot articulate your qualifications.

  • You offered me tons of help on preparing my interview. I just heard back this afternoon that I would be referred to my first choice, the New York office. Thank you!

Hire the Coach
In addition to the basics, we will make sure you stay on track and stick to your job search plan, answering the myriad of questions that come up along the way.

  • You are amazing...your attention to detail, understanding of both business and human nature and unflagging enthusiasm and support.
  • Mauri has a tremendous capacity to inspire and motivate, just what you need during a job search.

   Did you know:

  • Even before the interview, an employer will notice your appearance? Will you be dressed for success?
  • More than 90% of new jobs are attained through networking?

Do it in a Group
Check out our Events calendar for scheduled workshops and seminars. Learn how to manage your career along with your peers. And yes, all classes count double as networking opportunities!

Do it Yourself

Want to try it on your own first?  Our workbooks guide you through exercises with step-by-step instructions. Only $9.95 each. Buy both our Write a Winning Resume and Ace the Interview Workbooks for only $15.00.


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